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Innovative digital strategies


Digital skills of the agency


Originally, the mission of a web agency was limited to the production of websites, like The advent of Web 2.0 has considerably expanded the skills of digital communication agencies.

Website creation

Website creation

Create a custom website, like, and add a text, a video, an image, a gallery…

Web marketing strategy

Web marketing strategy

The webmarketing strategy gathers the techniques allowing to make known a product, an idea or a brand on the web.


Webdesign & graphic design

Webdesign and graphic design are inspired by new trends to enrich illustrations, applications, models …


Graphic charter

The graphic charter ensures harmonization and consistency on all communication media: physical, paper, virtual ...


The logo enhances the image of a company, targets and seduces potential customers, reinforces the impact of messages...


The packaging encompasses the user experience by taking into account the ergonomic constraints, i.e. the practice of use.


Branding builds loyalty with a new customer. This form of marketing transforms new customers into true brand ambassadors.

Visual identity

The visual identity defines the important graphic elements of a company: font, logo, typography...


The flyer is a paper communication medium delivering a maximum of information on a reduced surface.

Optimization & content redesign

The redesign of a website revolves around the optimization of SEO thanks to the choice of keywords, the creation of content optimized for natural referencing and the tree structure of the site.

Community management & Mobile marketing

Before animating the presence of a brand on social networks, it is necessary to establish a social media strategy by identifying the most suitable social networks for the project.

The community manager must also establish an editorial charter in order to optimize the communication.

Boost your visibility


SEO audit

SEO audit

The objective of the technical SEO audit is to ensure the proper functioning of an Internet portal and its good indexing in Google.

Netlinking campaigns

Netlinking campaigns

To improve your netlinking campaigns, let us assist you in setting up the campaign and in defining the netlinking strategies.

SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting

A good SEO copywriting allows an Internet user to understand the content of a text by reading only the titles.

User experience first!

To capture the attention of Internet users, promo codes and discount offers are no longer enough. The Internet user becomes a consumer of emotions and experience. The UX offers cyber readers a memorable experience concerning the use of a service, a solution or a product.